Why Biden was too busy to meet Bibi

US Vice President Joe Biden has indicated that other obligations will prevent him from presiding over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s planned speech to a Joint Session of Congress. Ostensibly, the reason is a trip to South America.

But Biden is evidently busy with other pressing matters: pressing the flesh of females old and young, preferably prepubescent according to the mounting body of video and photographic evidence, including swearing-in ceremonies and other public events with various officials and their families.

Earlier this week, after introducing the new Secretary of Defense, Ashton Carter, Biden seemed to have something else on his mind, and in his hands.


Holding and massaging the shoulders of Stephanie Carter for a good twenty seconds, then whispering sweet nothings in her ear was one thing.  The newly sworn-in Secretary appeared oblivious to the protracted grope.

However, Biden evidently prefers to cop feels of fresher flesh, including furtive caresses and breast strokes and kisses with the prepubescent daughters of senators and congressmen.


Seeming unconcerned that C-SPAN cameras were capturing every stroke and squeeze of any young female who happened his way, we see a level of obsession that would be better applied to counting Iranian centrifuges. Biden can be seen orchestrating his moves to optimize grope-time with his victims, who seem none too pleased by the unwanted touching, whispering and attempting kissing.


But Uncle Joe is clearly more into budding breasts than nuclear tests. He goes out of his way to rub the chest of a small girl, causing her to try and get away.

The incident at the swearing-in of the Secretary Defense has brought criticism of the Vice President to new heights, with Time magazine suggesting that Biden got “too close” for comfort.

“Joe Biden strikes again with inappropriate touching,” wrote Truth Revolt.

“New SecDef can’t even defend his wife from Joe Biden,” the Daily Caller quipped. And reporter Byron York from The Washington Examiner called for a “national conversation” on Biden’s “inappropriate touching.”

In the past, Biden would say that Uncle Same stands behind Israel. Maybe this time Bibi should inform Uncle Joe that he will let him stand right behind Sara.