In pictures: Street art in Tel Aviv

The streets of various Tel Aviv neighborhoods are scenes full of art. There is no longer a need to reserve time to go to a museum to see strong art. Florentin, Neve Tzedek and other hidden places in the center of Tel Aviv invite us in to look at ideas and colors.

Street artists paint without permits, with profound messages waiting to be seen by a passersby.

Street art can be wiped away at anytime with no warning. Will this be the last time these works are photographed?

With the stensil technique the artist supports equal marriage

Humor graffiti By Dioz

Differents graffiti on the same wall

The group 035 paints their name on different places in town

Painting in Neve Tzedek

Complex graffiti with many techniques

For this graffiti the artist used a truck from a friend so he could blend and appear to be fixing something

 Different types of street art

Graffiti in Florentin

The tour 'Alterative Graffiti' travels with information on the street

Any surface is good for street art and its message

Ometz invites the public to be part of their graffiti by completing the sentence

Graffiti in Neve Tzedek

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