Netanyahu: The more one looks at the Iran deal, the worse it looks

The more one looks at the Iranian nuclear agreement, the worse it looks, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Thursday. “The more you know about the accord, the more you oppose it,” he said during a briefing with diplomatic reporters in which he passionately argued against the agreement.

Netanyahu said that it was clear that the accord paved two paths for Iran to a bomb. The first is if Iran abides by the agreement, and within 10-15 years will be able — without any breakout time at all — to build dozens of bombs. The other path is if it violates the accord and will be able to build one or two bombs within a decade.

“Just because we identify existential threats does not mean we will give in to them,” Netanyahu said. “Without our efforts, Iran would already have had a nuclear weapon. This agreement is terrible, it would have been preferable had there been no agreement, rather than this one.”

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