Cabinet okays administrative detention for Jewish suspects

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Cabinet okays administrative detention for Jewish terror suspects

The cabinet approves administrative detention and extending laws for combating terrorism to Jewish terror suspects.

The Prime Minister’s Office says that Israel will take a “firm hand” and “all steps necessary” to address the issue.

‘PKK suicide attack’ kills 2 Turkish soldiers

Two Turkish soldiers were killed and dozens wounded early Sunday in a suicide attack blamed on Kurdish militants, as Ankara kept up its air campaign against the rebels’ bases in northern Iraq.

The attack in the Dogubayazit district of the eastern Agri province is the first time Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants have been accused of staging a suicide attack in the current crisis, amid an escalating cycle of violence that appears to have no end in sight.

Ankara has launched a two-pronged “anti-terror” offensive against Islamic State (IS) jihadists in Syria and PKK militants based in northern Iraq after a wave of attacks inside Turkey.

But so far the bombardments have focused far more on the Kurdish rebels — with Turkish official media claiming that 260 suspected PKK members have been killed — and the militants have retaliated inside Turkey.

There is also growing controversy over possible civilian casualties in the Turkish bombings, and the local Kurdish authorities in northern Iraq on Saturday urged the PKK to spare civilians.

The suspected PKK suicide bomber drove a tractor laden with two tons of explosives up to the military station in the Dogubayazit district, the official Anatolia news agency reported, quoting the local governor’s office.


Chechen police probe women said to cheat IS

Police in Russia’s province of Chechnya have opened a probe against three local women who have allegedly cheated the Islamic State group out of money.

Regional police spokesman Magomed Deniyev said that the women had allegedly created accounts on social networks to contact IS, according to a report by government daily Rossiyskaya Gazeta on Friday.

Deniyev said the women would claim they lacked money to make a trip to Syria and ask for funds, and then erase their accounts after receiving cash. Deniyev claimed the three women earned 200,000 rubles (about $3,300).

He said they would unlikely face any punishment for fraud since it would require IS to file a complaint.

Russian officials said more than 1,000 Russian nationals have joined IS.

— AP

Israeli activists visit Dawabsha family home

Two dozen peace activists visited the Palestinian village of Duma near the West Bank city of Nablus yesterday to offer their condolences after a child was killed in a terror attack Thursday night.

According to Combatants for Peace, the activists were the first Israelis welcomed to the village since the incident in which a year-old child was killed and family members injured when their home was torched.

“We thank you for allowing us the opportunity to come here and express our shame of these actions of terror and of these people that were generated by our society,” Maytal Lochoff, a member of the group, said. “We will continue to work together to bring the occupation to end.”

Combatants for Peace members visiting the home of the Dawabsha family, whose house was torched in a terrorist attack which claimed their year-old son's life. (Combatants for Peace)

Combatants for Peace members visiting the home of the Dawabsha family, whose house was torched in a terror attack that claimed their year-old son’s life. (Combatants for Peace)

Police close Route 1 as wildfire rages

Firefighters are combating a massive wildfire outside the Jerusalem suburb of Even Sapir, west of the city.

Entrance to the town has been closed due to the blaze, which is reportedly encroaching on homes. Police are evacuating residents and are closing traffic into Jerusalem on Route 1.

הכניסה ליישוב אבן ספיר נחסמה בעקבות השריפה. פינוי הבתים נמשך. שוטרי אגף התנועה נערכים לחסימת כביש 1 לכיוון ירושלים

— משטרת ישראל (@IL_police) August 2, 2015

The cause of the fire is not yet clear, but temperatures in the hills around Jerusalem have been in the 90s Fahrenheit for several days.

Emergency teams are also working to fight a blaze near the West Bank settlement of Alon Moreh, near Nablus.