Fight breaks out in Haifa court between families of accused and victim

A fight between the families of Munir Nabuani and Salman Amar—head of the Julis Local Council and accused of murdering Nabuani—broke out Monday morning at the Haifa District Court following a request by Amar’s attorney to have him sent to house arrest.

The disturbance erupted in the court room during proceedings related to Amar’s case and spread into the hallway where police and security used pepper spray to break up the fight.

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Brawl in Haifa District Court (Video: Ido Erez)


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Photo: Lior El Hai (Photo: Lior El Hai)

Photo: Lior El Hai

Police arrested two men in connection with the brawl, one in his 20s and the other in his 50s, both from Julis.

The incident took place on September 5, near the local council building. Nabuani, a gardening contractor, had previous disagreements with Amar. He approached Amar’s car and struck its windshield with a rod. Amar then exited the vehicle, and shot Nabuani several times.

Salman Amar (Photo: Gil Nachushtan) (Photo: Gil Nechushtan)

Salman Amar (Photo: Gil Nachushtan)

Amar is accused of firing seven shots at Munir Nabuani, a 45-year-old Julis resident, after Nabuani attacked Amar with a rod. According to the indictment, he continued firing even after Nabuani was lying on the ground, his back to Amar.