The Doctors put a price tag on Mommy’s life

It was only a month ago that we learned that my beloved wife has cancer. By that time it had already spread throughout her entire body.

Amazing how a diagnosis can change everything. Like any husband and father, I naively assumed we would watch our children grow up together, marry them off together, see grandchildren together. Now, time is slipping out between our fingers.

After a month of devastating fear, a ray of hope shone into our lives. The doctors told us there is a medication now available that can lengthen her life. The bad news is, the medication costs 30,000 shekels a month.

Yes, my wife has a chance to live. But we simply cannot afford such a ‘luxury’. We have no source of funding for this life-giving medication.

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How can you put a price on another day, month, or year of holding your child’s hand? How can you put a price on the life of the mother of six beautiful children? Life is truly priceless, but in this case, the truth is that a price has been placed. It is just enough to give my poor sick wife hope for the future, and just expensive enough for us to know that we can’t afford it.

That is why I am turning to you, strangers, members of the Jewish people, klal Yisroel. If you are a mother, or think of your own mother, if you have ever lost someone who was too young to leave this world, or looked into the eyes of an orphan, you know that a person’s life and their potential to do good in the world is absolutely priceless.

That is why I, a man who’s life was ordinary and unremarkable, happy and tranquil just a month ago, am begging you. Save my wonderful wife’s life. Give my children their mother for as long as possible.

Your donation means everything to her, to me, to our children. Please, please, give what you can.